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Small Font Size on 1920 x 1080p (Picture included)

Feb 14, 2013
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Hi all,

Ive got a really bad problem with small font size on FM 2013. I've downloaded the "Base Skin" (base2013) and edited the fonts.

base2013 settings.xml said:
<!-- text settings that vary from the defaults -->
<flags id="text_font" value="fonts/helveticaneueots" />
<integer id="text_size_small" value="16" />
<integer id="text_size_normal" value="18" />
<integer id="text_size_large" value="20" />
<flags id="hint_font" value="fonts/helveticaneueots" />
<integer id="hint_size" value="16"/>
<flags id="control_font" value="fonts/helveticaneueots" />
<integer id="control_size_normal" value="16"/>
<flags id="menu_font" value="fonts/helveticaneueots" />
<integer id="menu_size_small" value="16"/>
<integer id="menu_size_normal" value="14"/>
<integer id="menu_size_large" value="16"/>
<flags id="title_font" value="fonts/helveticaneueots" />
<integer id="title_size_large" value="18"/>
<integer id="title_size_normal" value="16"/>
<integer id="title_size_small" value="14"/>
<integer id="title_style" value="semi_bold"/>
<flags id="html_font" value="fonts/helveticaneueots" />
<flags id="pitch_font" value="fonts/helveticaneueots" />
<flags id="duty_font" value="fonts/helveticaneueots" />
Which has produced this result:
View attachment 311075
For reference, this is the DEFAULT font size:
View attachment 311076

As you can see, the text box on the right is so much better in comparison, however the news menu has not changed at all.

Any advice? Im finding it extremely hard to read and last night got a headache. And since so much time is spent on the news page (ie you cant ignore it), I really need a fix.

Interestingly, the "wage" column in squad screen also seems unaffected by my font changes.

Any ideas?

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