News Smarter Transfers, Squad Building & Finance in Football Manager 2024


Jan 7, 2011
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Football Manager 2024 (FM24) embarks on a journey of enhancing the realism and competitiveness of virtual football management, building a closer semblance to the real-world football scenario. The transformation pivots around three core areas: Smarter Transfers, Squad Building, and Finance. Here’s a dive into the new waters of FM24, exploring the revamped features that promise a more realistic and challenging gameplay experience.

Smarter Transfers:
In FM24, the AI managers are now well-equipped to make informed decisions in the transfer market. Their recruitment strategies have been significantly improved to consider various factors like a player's form and reputation more than before. The AI managers are now more adept at identifying squad imbalances and will take tactical styles into consideration when shortlisting players, ensuring a more realistic and competitive transfer market scenario12.

Engaging Squad Building:
The game now encapsulates a more dynamic squad building mechanism. AI managers have become smarter in team selection, and are more likely to give youth prospects a chance in the first team, especially when leading in matches. The new logic also extends to how the AI prioritizes matches throughout the season, aiming for improved player rotation to aid player development1.

Finance – A Realistic Challenge:
FM24 has upgraded its finance system to mirror modern football's financial dynamics more closely. Now, managers will have a clearer insight into their club’s financial standing with numerous news items providing key financial information throughout the season. The introduction of negative transfer budgets and the enhanced Financial Fair Play (FFP) system add a layer of realism and challenge to managing a club’s finances34.

Final Whistle:
Football Manager 2024 seems to be pushing the envelope in bridging the gap between virtual and real-world football management. The smarter AI, along with the revamped transfer, squad building, and financial systems, is set to provide a more authentic and challenging managerial experience. As the lines between the virtual and real football worlds blur, FM24 is set to provide a thrilling pitch for aspiring managers. The ball is in your court now, are you ready for the managerial challenge FM24 brings to the table?

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Hopefully this also affects your own AI managers and staff as you give them responsibility for their teams and buying/selling players for you. I'm a guy with little time to spend nowdays so usually I like to just play the save and watch how my staff set up the team for me. And in earlier version of game this function did not work really well with very bad and weird decisions sometimes.