So umm, apparently every player played at Palermo between 2012-2015


Dec 16, 2009
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Was just randomly looking at some of my players career history, and for some reason all of my players, and subsequently every Australian player in the game spent three years at Palermo, without playing a game.. The reason it's annoyed me is because I had some pretty **** good player ratings, goals and assists etc.. only for it to be completely removed.

Save file corrupt?

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Same problem for me mate. All BPL players were with Doncaster for a season without playing a single game.(see the thread below).Ruined my save. Gotta restart...AGAIN.
I know the problem, you're team's orange instead of Red and Black ;)

Seriously though, that is bizarre, never seen it before
Thats a weird bug!. Are you from brisbane Rumblah?
No mate from Melbourne but I fkin hate Melbourne 'can't buy a' Victory.
Heart? haha I live in brisbane but am from scotland
Have considered switching to Heart now that Kewell has signed with them. Again I'd be doing it just to annoy Victory fans.
Out of interest, when you go onto the goalkeepers profile screen does it say he is on loan at your club or their permanently (Because in the history (Which is quite a common bug) it says he moved from Palermo to your club on loan)?