So what else have I lost to injury? Centre back partnership, strike partnership...


Jan 24, 2009
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This is somewhat annoying. Centre backs are out, both of my strikers are out, my leading goalscorer and assist maker is out and I'm missing by backup defensive midfielder meaning my 'hardman' is tired and my backup creative midfielder. So effectively I'm missing seven of my team! It's starting to tell, I was at the top or there about's now I'm slowly dropping with a thumping 7:0 loss to a side placed 16th and another 2:0 loss of the back off that. Anyone else had a problem like this before? My aim was midtable finish so to say that the dip in momentum and motivation is annoying would be a bit of an understatement. It's still early doors though, few more weeks till I have around half of those missing - including my two leading goalscorers and centre backs.
What league are you playing in? Because with lower leagues you can sign free transfers whenever you want. Unfortunately if youre playing Top leagues you may have trouble getting anywhere at all without these players of yours. An upside could be that some of your other players may improve, possibly becoming better than your first choice
In the Championship, my squad was quite big so had a number of ageing players on which I can't get rid of until the summer so only got in a couple of players as the squad itself is actually very good for a midtable aim however then the injuries hit and I really am scraping around. Don't want to bring anyone else in as my wage bill needs sorting at the end of the season.
Maybe go through your reserve and U18's team, give some of them some playtime, you may as well get the best out of it, i'm not very good at this game though, so i wouldn't just listen to me