So Who Was It?

May 30, 2006
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Well, as a Leeds fan this is a fairly intruiging story, but who was the turncoat? (It was someone not in the first 11)

I'm guessing one of the following players:

1) Sean Derry (links with palace, however i don't believe he'd do it)
2) Gary Kelly (highly doubt it but apparently he's been left out in the cold althought, he has supposedly recovered from his injury)
4) David Healy (recently showed determination to stay at Leeds, but who knows)
5) Ginger Crainey (dunno whether it's him but I hope it is. 'Cos he's ****.)
6) Alan Thompson (good player, would have no reason to do it)
7) Seb Carole (always an option)

So who do you think it is? :D
thread title should be, who cares

I don't know who it is but whoever it is they deserve everything they get!
yer, but the whole thing wud be worse if they did lose
For all Wise knows the same thing could have happened here that happened with England and the Cricket, team sheet apparantly got dropped by someone then opposition went and picked it up :|