Aug 11, 2009
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FM 2013 provides an option to "Log into your Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts to link them up with Football Manager™ 2013 and send your friends updates on your progress." Can anybody tell me how this actually works? I have logged in both Twitter and Facebook and while the game says it will alert me to the opportunity to post status updates and let me decide whether to post them I have never seen that happen in 12 full seasons. How and when does that occur?
When i've used the social network options I've always had it switched to 'Automatic' so I can't answer your question I'm afraid. It might be worth trying it on automatic for a little bit to see if the connection to your accounts is actually working.
Thanks. It works on "Automatic" though it is spamming my twitter with messages after every other game played. Seems the manual option is broken and I will have to abandon using it. Curiously the facebook feed doesn't work at all unless it is tied with the twitter account.
Often after winning championships it'll give me an option to post this success to twitter. I've done it a few times and had people comment on it :D
I'm pretty sure I have won a couple trophies while logged in and didn't see anything like that. On the other hand I am positive I haven't been given the option to post any of the things twitter automatically posted in the past 20 minutes.

How does the option appear? Is it direct dialogue or? I'd appreciate a screenshot if anyone gets one.