Mar 10, 2010
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Why do season tickets have a limit?I mean,what do the board lose in selling like every season ticket they can?
becouse it will be **** for fans who like to see odd game every season and have to play full season ticket price
As in real life, I think there would be a limit because per game, season tickets are a lot cheaper than tickets for a single match. So the board still want people to buy the more expensive single match tickets and need the space in the stadium to do that.
Oh ok that makes sense.Although I dont think it's alot cheaper, since 1 season ticket gives acess to 26 games and costs 1490, while a single ticket costs 45.5 . 45.5 x 26 = 1183 ,so its cheaper to buy single tickets. Sounds stupid but appears to be like this,
Season tickets are guaranteed revenue at a cheaper price. The board will calculate a percentage of tickets they think they can sell on match days for a higher price to maximise overall profit. Also pleases fans so you're not forced to buy a season ticket to see your team play.
Are you comparing same-area tickets though? Season tickets are supposed to be less expensive, whole reason why people buy them.
I was comparing average price with seasont ticket price.

That sounds like a bit of a glitch in the game...

However IRL Season Tickets are cheaper than buying a ticket for every game in the same part of the stand.