Solskjaer reveals retirement plan

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Aug 23, 2006
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Man Utd striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says he is likely to retire at the end of next season.

hes still alright, just to old to run around all 90 mins now, he's been great for us really
I think all the comments that i've seen on the bbc 606 site sum him up. He's been an absolute legend for us, and he's stil scored over 10 goals this season which is amazin. He always knows how to find the net, hopefully he can stay injury free know until he retires, and play a decent role, though like Trav said he cant always manage 90 minutes, but can always score playin for just 30. Legend
He aint retired yet, he is talkin of 1 more season with Man u
He should of stayed on. Maybe moved to a lower league side or another country.

Probably wants to go out on top mate. Not all footballers cling on till they are 40. He'll be a coach or manager some day I'm sure.