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Nov 13, 2005
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you only can choice either china or japan feeder club , in term on finances i will recommend everyone to cancel china and accept japan feeder club .. i have tested inside my save game ( real madrid ) , the merchandising different between japan feeder club and china feeder club for one ( 1 ) month is 9.5m euro , that's big different after one year.

So guys , if you would like to earn more , pleased make sure that NO china financial benefit feeder club in your list , otherwise impossible you can get japan club .

p/s : sorry for my poor english >_<
I would have thought China would have been the bigger money maker seeing as it is like the biggest country in the world. But then again 90% of them are dirt poor :D
:mad: i am chinese too , but.....................

i am not from china, i am malaysian :D
haha I thought Sean had put his foot in it there.

Jasson, did u cancel your partnership with bejing then?? cos i'm Real so might do the same (although I'm only really bothered about feeder clubs playing my players which wont happen unless i have the chinish or jappish league on!)
you have to cancel it if you want madrid board return a good shortlist to you .

Year 3 with 210m(euro) balance ~