Jun 14, 2013
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Ive played FM for aslong as I can remember after a brief stint with CM but this year I cant decide a team to make my story with everytime I start a career I decide against it so if anyone can give me a starting point or some good ideas it would be very much appreciated... Thanks Guys
Unemployed, no experience, LLM.


a Championship side maybe? Hull, Palace, Blackpool?


Go big and go for a big English side? LFC ;), Tottenham, Man United, Chelsea, City, Arsenal?
Do a save you're going to find fun and enjoy playing.
I'm Macclesfield at the moment and I'm hating every second of it... But I know when I manage to taste that little bit of success it will be so much sweeter. Everyone goes through a motivational crisis at some point, my advice is just fire straight through it, the keeness will return, your star striker might break his leg or you'll be locked in a title battle or a relagation scrap... FM is a game after all, they need to keep you entertained
inspiration comes.from within, brother. Search yourself...maybe you just dont want to play
inspiration comes.from within, brother. Search yourself...maybe you just dont want to play

What the bloke above said is so true.

Me personally, I am a Borussia Dortmund and CSKA Moskva fan, that said those teams are doing really well. Therefore I chose a Championship side, Cardiff as a starting point for a career, as I find the pressures of playing in the 2 tier football league great, you are almost good enough for Premier League, you face the threat of losing your players to Premier league teams who will pay big money to take you players, you have a smaller pool of great players to choose from never the less you get to pick up some really awesome ex-premier league players like Keane.

As said earlier there is nothing sweeter then winning a prizes such as the FA Cup or gaining promotion to the Premier League as a side in a 2nd tier competition.