Feb 12, 2013
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Playing as Juventus and whether I want him or not I get Llorente join my club at the start of the 2013/14 season.

This time around I figure I'll adapt my tactics to fit, and create a Target Man + Poacher strike partnership, but realise I have no Target Man back up for Llorente at the club (I got rid of Bendtner when I took over).

So I spot Andy Carroll on the transfer list for £4.1m, signed him for £4m. And what an absolute bargain and star player he has turned out to be. He is now my rotation option, not just a back up and is quite capable of keeping Llorente out of the side.

He even had 2 consecutive games where he scored a hattrick in the first followed by 5 (and a perfect 10.0 rating) in the next match.

Brilliant and easily my best ever signing. And he's only 24.

If you want a Target Man in your side, look no further.
His stats are pretty good for a target man, but I've realised (oddly) that I have never played 2 up front before, guess I have a thing for inside forwards...

Might get him at Barcelona as an experiment :)
End of season.

Carroll won the European Golden Shoe award, scoring 27 goals in 22 games (league only) with an average rating of 8.17.

Llorente won the Best Player in Europe award, scoring 39 goals in 38 games (all competitions) with an average rating of 8.14 (Messi 2nd, Iniesta 3rd).

Tactic uses them as Target Man (support).