Some players mad at me. How do I fix it?


Mar 19, 2010
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There are 2 players that are mad at me:

1) A first team player was upset because he didn't get playing time. So I promised him playing time (although I started him every other game) and at the end of the season, he said I didn't keep my promise and wants to leave. How do I fix this and prevent him from leaving?

2) I signed Mario Balotelli for cheap, since he was causing problem for Man City,. I bought him for $8 million thinking he'd help improve my team for a couple seasons and I can sell him later for a profit. However, I accidentally made him mad. Now he wants to transfer, but I Just signed him this season! He even skips training and when I discipline him, he gets even madder. How do I make him happy so he'll play for me for 1/2 years. There is no way I'm selling him now because I just gave him a signing bonus. So he needs to put up or shut up! How do I fix this problem.
Don't even try to waist your time on Balotelli, just sell him his cause way more problems than his worth. Got mad at me for getting a warning after he got a red card, after i punished him for skipping 2 training session he injures Hulk. Sell Him.

Not sure how to help with the first layer though.
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Usually they tend to forget everything in half a season. If you can loan him out that could also help but I doubt a first team player would go anywhere on loan. Also try praising him when he performs well. I always do that and my whole first team has me on favorites. Which is a lot of help.
As for Balotelli, he isn't the best professional we've seen, but I think SI overdid it. Getting such wages would make any player more tolerant in reality. Anyway unless you play him regularly and put up with everything he does (risking the wrath of the rest of the team) he's not really a got asset in the game. I even refused on getting him for some 4 million as I recall even though he has Milan as his favored. Not worth it I believe. Too bad as he's really good stat wise...
Balotelli... I ruined his carreer myself in the **** game, ****** him up, RESERVE SQUAD for ever!