Some version of 4-4-2 possesion goals lots of passes


Apr 26, 2013
Hi guys
My first time writing here, but I am reading it for over two years.
First of all, I want to apologise for my english. I am from Serbia, and a couple mistakes can happen.

I am playing Football manager since 1999 (previous championship manager). I am a big fan of this game and sincerely some changes in this game are very good. There were also a couple of bad ones in previous years. But this release, I really like. :)

Lets talk about tactic I want to present to you. It is a model of a strange 4-4-2. I used word strange because there is lot of modifications in this tactic. See it for yourself

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The main strength is in CWBs. They are doing incredible job in every game. I am using HB in DMC position because he plays as cover for attacking CWBs and helping the two CBs. I like tactics with crosses, so I left my RW in usual 4-4-2 position. He is support for defence and very important player in transition. CM have role as AP and he is distributing ball which is passed to him. Really important player is AML, because he is playing as IF. A lot of goals and key passes for him. The attack is combination of DLF and Poacher.

I used this tactic in all matches I played since now. I have played 3 games in Serbian superleague and got my Red star side in Europe league defeating Sarajevo,Udinese and Standard. So it is working in the early stage of the game. Case with this tactic is 60+ percent of ball possesion, a lot of key passes from AP,IF,RW and CWBs. Also AP have 80+ passes per game, sometimes depending on rival even 100+ passes per game.

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Playing with much higher defensive line and hassling opponents opens chance for this kind of play.

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In game against Udinese my central back Lazic got red card and I was forced to shake a little bit. But I captured how was it before the red card and you can see it.

While I am writing this, this tactic is not fully fluid. Training is usual for all of my saves. I usually start in june, because I always load all bigger leagues. As most of you know, Germany starts in june. So, first week is fitness very high, after that team cohesion very high (until tactic is fluid) and in the end balance-average and sometimes ball controll. Off course -tactics only- until it is fully fluid and after that teamwork. You should menage by yourself rest days. In preaseason I dont give rest days to my players. After preaseason I am changing situation depending on games and fatigue of my players.

I also want to warn you that CBs have tight marking. When I am playing against teams with 2 ST, I uncheck tight marking. I think that is one of the things SI needs to work on. CBs look like amateurs in that situation and make often stupid moves. Opponent STs make them look like idiots just by playing one-two pass.

Ok guys. I really hope that someone will try this tactic ( because it is my first that I am posting on net ). Report to me how it is going with it. Also try change something and see how it is gonna go... Here is tactic ;)

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