Jan 13, 2013
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Iv got a week off and absolutely nothing to do. Having exhausted all the usual prem teams on fm (including Swansea several times who i support) I'm in real need of a new challenge.

Iv got an online game going with a mate which i'm enjoying and we're 4 season in, but he never seems to be online anymore.

I'm therefore looking for something challenging and a little different to do in single player.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to a team that's fun/a challenge?

I'll be more than happy to post updates if you want to read along.

Thank you in advance.
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Start a new game and go on holiday . Leave your computer overnight and start a game in the morning. where i suspect you will have mostly regens past year 2030 Someone else can think of a fun way of picking your team.
Take over a large club (man city, utd, chelsea, arsenal etc) Then you have 3 options. Either
1)sell all big names. Then build from that.
2) sell all foreign players and create a team that has only native players.
3) sell all over 21 year olds and try and win with a maximum age of 21.

Another save that's interesting is setting the start Time to December 2012 by selecting brazil leagues as unplayable. Then take over who ever is at the bottom of the league and lead them to safety. I started this and after a few reloads I got Southampton who in December had only 6 points Hope this helps reduce your boredom also, I believe there is a thread for this.
Maybe who ever is mid table 12th position in the championship when you return from 'holiday'
Obviously there will be little time left after constantly masturbating furiously.............. However.......

I'd be inclined to start unemployed with semi-pro experience, go on holiday until October time and then return and see what you can pick up.
I love trying out new countires and have developed a 'healthy' interest in Columban football after managing Altetico Nacional.I've always fancied managing in Australia and the Middle East. If you take either of those options, let me know how you get on.
lower leagues in foreign nations. Try to build a powerhouse in a non-EU nation from a team that has zero history.
Take over a small Spanish team like Rayo Valacano or whatever, and finish higher than Barca and Real Madrid :)
turn on lowest leuges start with a bottom team and make them a world power
done all these options sevral times still kinda easy games tho
I'm same as you get bored easily I'm currently stoke and won the prem first season some how :) and I was getting bored so I've set my self a goal of making my first ever billion to keep me kinda interested should take some time :) only another 970m to go
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