Someone please help me ! default fm2011 skin text colour!


Jun 3, 2009
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hey please can someone help me, i have been using a few skins, then i changed back to default fm2011 skin, and i went on the news screen , and the new news was coming up in orange, so i changed it back to another skin then back to the default, and then the new news was coming up in light blue, all other text was normal colour, how can i fix this ? thankyou
i have deleted them all, the news still comes up in light blue on the default fm2011 skin
Thats a wierd one mate, might need to re-install the game or something

if you do, rememeber to back-up all your important stuff
i uninstalled the game then re installed it, still the same :/ and i cant print screen or i would show you :/ its all the news that comes up like press conference and all that, its all in light blue and very hard to see !