Sometimes you just have roll your eyes...

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And the very next game.

Joking apart, I think this shows a rather dramatic way that team morale and complacency can have (we were on a long unbeaten run). After the Roma match the team took a pasting from me in the dressing room and in the press. A few changes to the line up and I got the reaction I was looking for.
i think it's actually good to lose a game or 2 because complacency is a major factor in this years FM
i would rather have a hungry team than a team that already knows they won
Thos does not look anything like complecency in my eyes as you where dominating and controlling the game.

Its as simple as your team failing to put away their chances in the same game where Roma managed to score form theirs.
Seing that you have won ALL your 19 matches in the league, I would probably say that statisticlly, this should happen more often in your save. Not due to the players getting complacent, but just down to that it should happen more often :D