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Dec 3, 2010
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(I can't think of a specific forum, so forgive me if this actually does need to go somewhere).

I'm currently playing as Manchester United (love the squad, don't have to bother with buying in many new players), and I've been looking at the affiliated clubs and apart from Fluminese and Antwerp, I don't see any benefits from keeping the other teams:

Newcastle Town, Bury, Molde, Altrincham and Desportivo Brasil.

Now, what my question is, if I cancel the links to those clubs listed, will there be any negative effects?
Depends on the agreement ey. If they provide you with scouting knowledge, you'll lose that knowledge. If you have first pick on their youngsters, you won't have that anymore, etc.
Keep modle and Brasil you can buy forgein players from them if they ever get any good regeans. I set up a link with coventry to send players like bebe on loan your choice if you want to do that and also got a link with kansas city which boosted my merchandise sales by 11% so my transfer budget increased
Maybes I'll load up Norway and lower Brazillian Leagues to get full advantage for future scouting purposes.

So just Bury, Newcastle Town and Altrincham should be cancelled?
If your not sending young player out on loan to them, you may as well although they only cost about 50k a year each.
The fact that you are playing as United makes me physically sick.

Anyho, why would you need to cancel the links? It has no effect on whether or not you can ask for more affiliates and unless it's just a friendly once a season thing it probably helps your team out a little bit.
The only teams I'd even consider sending players on loan to are Fluminese, Molde and Antwerp (their training facilities are pretty adequate).

But yeah cheers lads, I'm kinda new to the Football Manager games, so I was kinda unsure. Great help from all of you. :)

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The fact that you are playing as United makes me physically sick.

Haha, I swear it's not for glory and stuff like that. I'm really more interested in developing the younger players for the future type of thing