Jan 2, 2012
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Playing spurs 4 season atm, and still have Soulymane Coulibaly ind the squard. But just cant seem to get him to be a good Premier player. have had him out on loan 3 times. 2 Npower and 1 Premier, where he got lots of matchs. around 25 per loan.(more than he would at Tottenham) But still hes falling in stars potetial, and only advancing a little in stats.

Have anyone had any luck with him.?
And any advise on wich PPM hes should learn.?
I have honestly never seen him develop into anything, even in Fm12..

places shots/moves into channels/beats offside trap/runs with ball often/knocks balls passed players/goes around keeper
ya i tryed in fm12 as well. but with no luck. even got him on a free transfer to OB Danish Superliga, on a old save. endend up selling him for a decent profit to a norwigen club, after 1-2 seasons.
on my spurs save, first season i sent him on loan to a championship team and made sure he was a first team member.
beggining of the 2nd season, his stats were quite bad still and he had 2star rating, so i put him in the senior squad and had cavani tutor him all season and let him play cup games and games that i was the big favourite, by the end of the 2nd season, he rose to 4.5 stars and his stats were dramatically increased.
beggining of 3rd season i gave him a new contract of 30k a week and had him up top with ademilson, (they were keeping cavani and neymar out of the team, they were scoring alot more). i won the champions league 3rd season and he was top scorer in both that and the premier league.
and i then started season 4 when the new patch was out and my team/tactics were completely effed up so i deleted the save otherwise i would have got a screen shot. :(

oh btw, train him as a complete forward and poacher on heavy duty, change every month or so and also tutor him as much as possible.