South Park

that's a shame because his voice is so recognisable and if they bring in a different voice actor it will be ****.

RIP Chef
Its South Park, they wont get anyone to replace him, they hate all that normal shiz a cartoon would do....having saying that they replaced the female voices, but that was becuase the actress commited suicide.

On a slightly seperate note, Season 10 starts on the 22nd
Got boring after season 3 i think....when the opening scene changed. :(
South Park wont miss him to much he was never really that funny anyway.
his random bursts into songs about *** got a bit repetitive but still a bad loss.
Dont really care, Jimmys 'Orange you glad i didnt say banana' and the 'Interrupting cow' jokes were the funniest thing ever in South Park. Closely followed by Big Gay Als pianists song after Al was kicked out of scouts
He was good in the earlier episdoes,but dont think he will be too greatly missed now
New South Park episodes are quality....

Chef isn't in them as much though so it won't be that great a loss
To be honest I'm glad he has left as Chef is a boring character and his songs were poor anyway. So no big loss :D
Sean said:
To be honest I'm glad he has left as Chef is a boring character and his songs were poor anyway. So no big loss :D

He does add quite a lot as he is (obviously) good to use when Black stuff comes up, cos Token is **** and annoying.
New SP EP:

Originally aired: Wednesday March 22, 2006 on Comedy Central

Production Code: 1001

The citizens of South Park have been a bit down lately, but Chef's sudden return snaps them out of it. While Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are excited that Chef's returned, something seems different about him. When Chef finds himself in trouble thanks to his new ways, the boys will stop at nothing to save him.

Looks like their gunna rip right into Isaac/Chef("New ways"). Also trouble as in maybe being killed toruble?
I hope he does get killed, stupid fat chef. :p
Aww Chef died, but is he 'dead'? :eek:
Lol I hope they rip the **** completly out of Star Wars
Was a ***** sroty line.

Some funny jokes.

If you want a link to the ep PM me.

"My uncle Bud did that to me once!" :D
Well Ive chnaged this to the SP thread So I can buzz about Sp.

Anway last weeks episode was purty good/funny , i d give ti 7/10

Anyway what msot of you will be interested in is next weeks episdoe ...

Title: Cartoon Wars
Plot: Cartman and Kyle are at war over the popular cartoon, "Family Guy."