Oct 25, 2010
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Hey, i'm Southampton in the first season with £600,000

I am looking to strengthen my squad in all areas, any ideas maybe loans and free transfers ?
just sign Leigh Griffits and you are promoted
just sign Leigh Griffits and you are promoted

Yeh he's right, make sure you get a decent targetman to play with him, but Southampton have Rickie Lambert so play Griffiths as a poacher with Lambert as a targetman.

Get Jimmy Walker/Adriano Basso in on a free transfer for your GK.

Also look at Michael Ball on a free and maybe bring in James Brown from Hartlepool as cover he'll probably be sold for 200-400k?
Just get loans and transfers mate. This is what I did with Portsmouth. I'm currently just about to start my second season with them and I've got there debt down by 5million and just randomly asked for a new stadium and they're are currently planning one, i know, im shocked too!

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Btw, I got beat in Playoff Final too!
Gavin McCann on a free. I got him first season and he is top class.
Also, get Andrew Davies from Stoke on a one year loan to partner Jose Fonte at CB.