Southampton and Reading The Story so far YT

InValide jr

Oct 21, 2010
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Hi there this series is on mine and my friends network football manger save.

We are currently in 2020 amd this is the first episode, it is a little backround information on our results and current team as well as a few transfers.

any advice or request for the next episode would be apreciated :) or any players you'd like to see in 2020 :)


The next episode will be us playing some games and chatting.
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sorry vid still processing it will be 5 minutes

Edit: its up and working now
not alot really are you planning on showing any games?
Next episode will be me(southampton) and my friend jon(reading) playing through some games possibly january as we play each other on the 30th of that month :)
Show some of the players at other clubs that you wouldn't normally expect to be that good, like jem karacan