Apr 24, 2013
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So I wanted to do a test to push Southampton to the top of English football and the top of Europe.
I edited the club, good finance, great sponsors etc.
I'm just about to start the first season and are intrerested in what you guys think that I should do on the transfermarket.
Who to buy, who to sell.

Hit me!

I did this edit like if Southampton was overtaken buy a realy rich oil sheik.
The transfer budget are as big as 344 million euro.
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You dont need editor to do that, Southampton actual have a decent team, with some good talents and also have good amount of money to use.

In my Soton save, i got 4th place in fist season.

2nd. PL Winner
3rd. PL Winner, FA Cup winner, CL runners up
4th. PL Winner, CoC Winner, CL Winner.

Played 4-2-3-1 att.

First season buy -> Adryan, Admilson, Wellington Nem. tho was the old version, with the cheap B/Os

Winter signings-> Destro / Ospina was signed for 2nd season.
Just wanted a scenario with big money, "smaller" club.
Got my eyes on Nem so far.
Don't know how to act on CD, CM or Attacker.
Well if you transferbudget is that huge, just go with the cream of the top.
Since you should have a massive salery to use i guess?
Lol yeah. ;D
But I still want something that will continue for the future.
A mix of young upcoming players and experienced players.
Players in:
Davide Santon
ter Stegen

Still no players out.
Listed 4 players.