Southamton 2015, don't know where to buy (what position)


Aug 5, 2011
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I'm just start my third season, finished 5th last season so looking to break into champs league position this season, this is my team atm and i have 25 mil to spend

Gk bardi (think regen).Gazzaniga as sub
Defenders - shaw, hoobeld, doria, clyne, lovren, sidibe (decent regen) cahmbers
midfielders - de bruyne, wanyama, hughes, mcmananman, schneiderlin, garcia (excellent regen but only young). mastour, lallana
strikers - Watt, maupay, charlie austin (top scorer in prem last year) lambert

rest of players or up and coming players mainly regens or older players such as steven davis
not sure what positions to strengthen/get cover for
generally play 4-4-2 as that has worked past couple of year, sometimes go 5 in midfield against top teams or tough away games
did you sell ward-prowse?? why would you do that??...and bardi(francesco) is not regen..from inter i guess..
One more cb will do..check for balanta, or papadopoulos (schalke)
one or two forwards will do.. try to get VanGinkel on loan from Chelsea(he is a beast as SS and also could cover all the midfield areas and even strike.....and rescaldani to stay on lamberts toes..