Southport into league 2!!!!


Dec 31, 2010
Hi I'm looking for a bit of help!
I have taken over manager as the mighty(!!!!) Southport and just won promotion to league 2.(Without cheating! (A))
I am after any idea's of decent players and staff that i can lure to the club. I have a transfer budget of £40,000. I have managed to get Cardiff as a parent club as they have just won promotion to the prem. I brought in Tim Hopkinson from Forrest last season on a free and he was a revelation scoring 29 goals in 39 apps. also Terry Dixon but alas he has not been producing the goods! I have brought in Lee Hendie and Andy Liddle on frees for the new season for a bit of experience, not sure how they will do but i will keep you informed!! Any ideas on players from people who have started their 2nd season from the bsp to league 2 would be a great help!