Feb 6, 2013
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Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding the Spanish league system.

First, you must know when I play in Spain I play with two managers. 1 as the main team manager, and one as the B team manager. I imagine this will help develop young players into playing my system while still getting ample game time...Is this the best opinion when it comes to this type of club system (an 'affiliated club' rather than a reserve team)?

Is there any way I can have the main team staff coach the B team, or main team players tutor B team players?

And, whenever I send a fringe player down to the B team, the B team manager is stuck with a wage bill that sends their financial projection deep into the red. Is there any way the main team can pay the wages while they are in the B team?

If possible, I'd prefer not to loan out players. I like having full control over their moulding and training.

Thanks guys, the Spanish System is really foreign to me (isn't shown in Australia :( )
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I'd love a bit of a guide on this as well, I manage Bilbao and I am a little lost with the way the B and C teams work!
I don't think there's a way to solve those two questions.

As for taking control of both I guess it's the best way indeed to ensure the players are given the training and time they need to develop.