Spanish League Question


Jun 16, 2006
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I'm in my second season as Tenerrife and managed to import some foreign help. That would be great except I'm only allowed to register 2 foreign players apparantly. However, I have several other non-Euro Union players who aren't listed as foreign which is confusing. You may have already guessed my questions but here they are anyway:

1) Do the foreign guys lose the foreign tag after a certain period of time at a club?

2) If true, how long? If false how do they lose that label?

3) It seems like loning the two extra guys out might be ag ood idea if I can't register them. Am I right?

4) Do other leagues in Western Europe follow the same tend? Are there any leagues with looser rules, or tighter rules?

Thanks for the help guys.
1,2. Yeah sometimes but can take years (3-6 in my experience). They gain citizenship,or might get capped for their country alot

3.Yeah try and loan players out if you have too many
4.In the English premiership you need work permits which with the higher repuataion club and player;the easier they are to get. In Italy you can only sign one non-EU player from abroad,but more from in Europe. In Germany i think you can have 5 non-EU players
I'm not sure the reason why some players get citezenship, but like AJW has said they usually get it after a few seasons.

A nice little trick is to register as many foreign players as you can in your senior squad. Then for the ones you couldn't register, register them in your B team and so on...
I think it's 5 years of residency in a country before you gain citizenship.
Nah not in Spain, as I get people gaining citezenship after 2 seasons.
They might have already played 3 seasons in that country sean?
No it has happened when I have bought players in as well.
i think sean is right ive had players for Barca that have gained it after 2 years and ive had eto'o who didnt ever gain spanish citizenship after 7 years of playing for me i think it's just randomly selected
This was really helpful people; thank you very much.

I had 5 players labeled as foreign at the beginning of the preseason but dumped one and used the B team to register two more as suggested then bumped them to the A Team so it all worked out.

I really wish they'd put this stuff on foreign players in the league rules screen!