Jan 20, 2010
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Is it just me or do Spanish referees give out a ludicrous amount of yellow cards? A couple of times this season I've had 8 or 9 players in the book, with different referees aswell so i know my boys arent kicking lumps out of the opposition.
Bit like real life. Some foreign refs are stricter with more "aggressive" forms of tackling. Like, sticking a foot in to tackle for the ball for example
Yeah I guess, probbably seems mad too me because I hardly ever manage non-Brittish teams.
I know what you mean though. When I was managing Fulham before gettin them into Champions League during Prem games, on average I was gettin 1 yellow card a game. But in Europe it went stupid to between 4-7 per Euro game. May be worth changing the tackling style to a more cautious approach and see if that helps
I hear you. When I was in Europe with Brighton disceplinary records were a nightmare. Its quite ironic, I took the reputations of European referees and cards into mind when setting up my tackling so I left it on default..mental haha.
lol. One thing I've learned too (the hard way), I've stopped buying volatile,short-tempered and confrontational players. The amount of fines I've had to dish out after reckless challenges getting red cards was ridiuculous, and cast me many an important match. First thing i give out instruction wise too during a match is stay on feet. I've learned many, many things during this game that have paid off. Sometimes doesn't work, but discipline is a lot better than it was. Not dished out any fines for over 2 seasons now