Feb 12, 2013
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I want to start a new Real Madrid save, focussing on developing youth to bring through to the first team.

However, I'm confused about the U19s team, Real Madrid C and Castilla. There doesn't seem to be an active U19s league, and friendlies are few and far between for the Real Madrid U19s team (am I missing something?)

This leads me to think about placing youth players with the "C" team or Castilla, but if I do this would that still contribute towards the home grown talent criteria (playing for the club for 3 years under the age of 21) for playing in the European competitions? The last thing I want to do is waste 3 seasons developing my next crop of stars only to find they can't play for the first team.

I'm also concerned about the quality of coaching staff and training facilities at the "C" and Castilla teams. In other leagues, I have full control over these for the reserves / youth teams - not at Castilla or "C".

I just want to get my head around how youth development works in Spain to help with my aim of brining through the next generation of Spanish stars playing for Real Madrid.

Thanks :).
I have had a Real Madrid save that I am currently doing. My aim is similar to yours as I like to develop players in any save that I do. I never use B or C teams as they always seem to just stall a players progress and you end up selling them for little or releasing a player you thought would be the next big thing. What I do is use the U19 team, arrange friendly tournaments and friendly leagues so they have playing time and play the best players in cup games with some of the squad players. If they get to old to play for the under 19 team, you can loan list them at the age of 19 and they usually have a host of lower la liga clubs or top half liga aldernate clubs trying to get them if they're good enough
Ahh didn't know I could arrange tournaments and leagues, great idea thanks :)
Also I think that they are entered in the u19 champions league which is a good competitive level of matches for your youth