Jan 18, 2009
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I've searched around and not been able to find the answers I need. Basically I have two problems:

1. I can't change the special focus area in match preparation, I change it and it just resets itself to defensive positioning after I leave the screen. I assume there should be some sort of confirmation button, but I can't seem to find it. How do I confirm the change?

2. Skins will not show up when I try to change it. I go to preferences etc and there just isn't any options other than the default one. This seems to be a common problem as there is lots of threads at various places on google, but none seem to have an answer, so I was hoping someone on here would know how to fix it. By the way I've used skins before, know where they are supposed to be put etc.

the answer to your first problem is that you probably have the assistant manager taking care of it in team settings so it will reset each time you leave the match preparation screen,you will need to go into team settings and untick this then go back and change the match preparation and it should stay to wht you have set it to do

what particular skin are you trying to use? ive had a problem with a few skins getting to show since the latest patch,i know i couldnt get RD5 to show,but i use my custom skin now so no probs for me
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I think Dazzy has answered your first question, as for the second - make sure the folders containing each of the skins directly below your 'skins' folder has the skin's xml file to tell the game what the skin is called ect. That is probably a bit of a confusing sentence... ;)

I will upload a screenshot of what I mean.

Then make sure in preferences, that 'Use Skin Cache' is unticked and 'Reload skin on confirm' is ticked.
If they are hit the reload skin button in the bottom left.
I hope that works...
Thanks for your help, I was actually about to post on here that I'd found the problem, it was indeed that I had assistant manager takes care of match preparation ticked in team settings.... thanks for the reply anyway! :)

Skins, I have tried balkan, nocturnal, opz and NN skins.
thanks again

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I know what an xml is and I've deleted and re-downloaded the files to make sure I haven't edited it by accident or anything, all seems to be in order. I've tried what you mentioned and no luck, thanks for trying tho

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Skin problem fixed by re-installing game. Anyone having the same problem, make sure you completely delete everything off your computer. There wasn't a problem with the skins, but there was something wrong with the game. I noticed that when I wanted to start a new game I couldn't select the updated database either. All sorted now. Thanks for the advice guys