Spl 2

I think it's pointless if you ask me, we really should be making the SPL an 18 team league, having 2 teams being relegated & maybe even a play-off for more intrest come the end of the season.
Need a 18-20 team league.

This would take the fear factor away from the other clubs like Dundee Utd Motherwell and Dunfermline. And also free up ABerdeen Hibs and Killie to make more of a challenge to the top 2/3.

Also takes away this issue where we could play at the one ground 5 times in the one season if you take in cup games. And the silly split.
sigh ****** sigh i hate the spl it's run so retardedly if thats even a word. We should have 18-20 teams like most country's as it makes the league a bit more interesting and you dont play the same teams 4 times a season, it generates more money for smaller clubs and we will have decent promotion and religation battles :irked: rant over.
lol dont give us another league similar to the SPL, please god no.