SPL Network Game!!

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Sep 17, 2005
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Just like it says on the tin, Im looking to start a net game in the SPL for the fans of Scottish football or anyone who is sick of network games in the premiership etc etc.

I plan to play once or twice a week for a few hours each night starting at about 7pm or whatever and play untill 10pm.

Im only looking for commited people for this game, Dont put your name down unless your going to play.

Anyone interested?
I would be interested but would only be able to play for an hour tops like 9 till 10 so
Nah, you cant get much done in an hour really sorry.
I would be interested, most nights are fine for me, tuesdays and thursdays arent that good but might be able to work around them. Thanks Tet

PS. what nights would it be
Gregor said:
You and Ian make me sick.

Your only jealus cause me and him have awesome net games... but not my idea this one :D and besides, I wouldn't have the time Greg so you wouldn't see me in :)
I'll play,

but only if I can go Celtic :rolleyes:

Iv downloaded an update which has the new players, does this matter?
ANT101 said:
Iv downloaded an update which has the new players, does this matter?

I won't play even though i'd love to, ANT101 where did you get your update from? Sorry for the interuption, keep talking.
WOOO ANT :D, no it doesnt matter as i will be hosting. Will be cool if we could get some more perople, i recon once we get a few we should decide what nights are best.
For me your 9-10 a clock pm on wednesday would be 6-7 am on thursday morning And 7-8 am in daylight savings time. I would love to play and as Hibs, but it's a very busy time of the day for me. I like seeing the sun before most of the world does.
sigh sigh and sigh some more.

Hibs are pants they cant even beat mediocre Danish sides in the intertoto cup while a few days ago we beat Osasuna 2-0 :D
I'm not extremely passionate about Hibs or Scottish football for that, I'm only just starting to get into it. But in all honesty, the reason i like hibs is cause of their colours. Shallow i know but it attracted me. Enjoy your Network game and enjoy the new season starting this weekend. Go Hibs!
Kris said:
:yuck: Green and white = yuch

:yes: so true

& I can't play the net game any more :( doesn't look like we'll get more ppl anyway.
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