got 39 on the premier league cant beleive i forgot wolves
got 40/44 on the 1 in the OP. Curse you Swindon, Oldham, Watford and QPR!

Forgot Crystal Palace, Watford and Bradford
Had no idea Oldham were in the Premier League

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If your gonna post which teams you forgot, please use the Spoiler tags ;)
i got 42 in the first one
and wasnt bothered to try the second one
i know lol and barnsley i kept thinking round the yorkshire area aswell..... good quiz though
Got 43 in the first one. Didn't try the second one.

Forgot about Swindon :(
41 out of 44 - Didn't know Oldham or Barnsley were ever in it XD - And totally forgot about Burnley.
got 37 as i coudn't spell lester and midlesbrough :(
I got 41.
Bradford City, Watford & Oldham Athletic were the one's I didn't get.
Got 41. Forgot about Wimbledon. At one point, I found myself thinking Plymouth had been in the Prem.

Missed Coventry, Leicester, Charlton and Norwich :'(