Sproule's Stamp


Mar 8, 2006
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dose anyone else feel that the dud Sproule's stamping on the back of an opponent last sunday has been left by the press and SFA?

i think back to last season and a nothing challenge by Alex Rae in Moscow and ain't getting the same feeling of the press
as a loyal hibee, i think that the offence which sproule commited was disgusting, but when the jambo scum r diving all over the place and kicking us off the park, i think it was aguiar who nearly broke thomson's leg, it was an essian tackle and basically been cheated the whole game, can u blame him?
Sour Grapes from the hibee 4-0 :D

Yea he should have been fined, If it was one of our players it would have been all over the press.
That should never have been 4-0 tho, the first goal caldwell stood off skacel for ages, then that ***** of a goalie gave u 2 goals then your player dived into the box after the foul which was outside the box. Plus we had tons of injuries.
1 injury! and it was a def penalty spec when he was having his shirt pulled how can you even debate the score or the penalty.
it was a foul but it happened outside the box but the git dived into the box. and we had more than 1 injury. Injuries- Killen, Stewart, Brown, Beuzelin, Sheils and O'Conner left.

Suspened or cup tied-Riordan, Dalgleish. We also had to give Benji his debut, had to play caldwell @ RB and Whittaker @ RM. We also didn't have GK. Did u hear his excuse. "I didn't see him, he came in on my blind side" how can could u not see Jankouskas, he's 6'5 and built like a ****-house. What a *****:mad: . So thts 8 players, not 1.
Ha Ha yea i like that lol

Didnt that Brown guy make a mistake or 2 vrs us aswell?
yeh he ushered lee miller's header into the goal @ tynie in the game before the split which we won. But compared to zibi simon brown is petr cech. zibi also made 2 howlers against aberdeen which cost us the game.
yea i was at that game last year, Played us off the park you lot did.
cheers, but only in the second half and we fought back well. u did gub us in the first derby of the season, we never turned up, but in the 2nd 1 @ tynie gordon made some great saves before u scored and if 1 had gone in the game would have been different.
Scotland's Number 1 :D

Im not worried about Hibs next year to be honest, I think your going to lose Deek and Brown. Caldwell is leaving so basically you will have no defence.
i know some1 who knows riordan and apparantley he signed a new 3-year deal @ gibs so if we r going 2 lose then @ least we're going to get v.g money