May 9, 2012
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Hey guys, just won the Premiership, Europa League and Capital One Cup in my first season and only have £9m to work with at the minute but there's a few players that our in high interest with other teams I am after. I was wondering if anyone could recommend players to sell (below) who don't turn out that good!


AND maybe players to look at/keep a close eye on!

get rid of adebayor, you have good enough strikers in defoe, welbeck and adam campbell....maybe try get rid of lennon too (just my opinion, he's never done the business for me)

maybe you could try for one of these when you sell someone:
douglas costa
hatem ben arfa
andre schurrle

hope this helps :)
I would also recommend getting a better LB. Assau-Ekotto alone is not the best option imo. If you can, get Santon.

Also, as Twizzle said above, Adebayor isnt necessary imo, as you have some good strikers.

Depending on formation, you could also sell Fellaini. If you get something around 40m for him, you can use half of it for a new BWM as good as he is, and then u've got a lot of bonus :3

good luck
bojan goes on a free start of 2nd season decent bench player pushing for start, scores goals,

jovetic from florentina (AMC/AMR/AML/ST)
Kuzamanovic from stuugart (just gone inter milan in real life)
kacar from heartha berlin
romario ( RB ) cheap free or small fee scout him
niang ( ST) young good signing scores loads

sell adbeoyr bring in young person (niang) ..

I would sell sigusson or dempsey one of them which ever plays best for you keep.

David bentley get rid ! dead wood!

Kaboul get rid! buy someone like toby alderwield good siging belgium as well so dembele is already at your club so will go for you!
yeah definitely get rid of bentley, proper **** for your level