May 20, 2013
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Looking at starting a new save with Spurs and using Raikans tactic in a 433.

What Spurs players can I get good money for without manking my squad worse? Lennon maybe?

Do not sell Lennon if you haven't got a new winger. Livermore can be sold right away for his value (around 5.5 mil).
Do not sell Sandro/Bale/Lennon/Dembele/Sigurdsson.
Yeah haven't sold Lennon, and still managed to buy Wellington Nem. I fancy selling sigurdson though, he doesn't fit into my tactic, and I've got Dempsey as cover for the time being.
Also bought Neal Maupay and Lucas Romero
Yeah haven't sold Lennon, and still managed to buy Wellington Nem. I fancy selling sigurdson though, he doesn't fit into my tactic, and I've got Dempsey as cover for the time being.

Then sell him. Wellington Nem is a good purchase. If u use him as a winger you are quite light in attack. Id look at Sassa (botafogo youth -dont search with search engine go to the squad and look for him) who is a steal at 4.4m or Kewuke who is transfer listed and available for 4.2m within two weeks!
first transfer window you can do these deals :) then you can see what deals I did in January if you are doing well in the league, I got an extra 35m to spend

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I highly recommend them all! besides Hussain :p he was a flop

Then 2nd season you can do something like this and build up a great team! end of 2nd season you must sign Robert Lewondowski for free (offer him contract on 31st December)

If Adebayor has been playing well for you, sell him for double his value (I got Real Madrid to pay 24.5m for him at 30 years old) and also just signed Neymar for 56m after selling Ferreyra for 26m to Barcelona :) also spent no cash besides Neymar really at the start of my 3rd season and I had access to around 60m already prior to the sale of Ferreyra, I sold him to offset some of the costs for Neymar :)

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I had to buy Dede to replace Kaboul as he was adamant on having a 21m release clause in his contract as it expires 2 years from the start of the game (so try and offer him one before the end of the 1st season and hopefully he wont ask for such a low release clause)

he was valued at 18m at the time, so made nothing off him really! Dede is nearly an exact match stat wise as I love Kaboul

Dembele is probably still one of my best players and best players I have managed before, even though he drops down to like 3 stars and sometimes less, I never bother with that, his stats are amazing and he is also very good as AMR :)

I can also suggest youngsters like:

Schrijvers/Bruno (Belgium)

If you ever sell Sandro, which I advise NEVER too! try and get Romulo - Spartak to replace him! he is quality too

other than that, good luck!

PM me if you want anything else, oh I see you want to use my 433, I suggest also using my Klopp tactic, works a charm for Spurs
Cheers Raikan. When you sold Assou Akotto though, who did you play left back? Naughton?


Took you up on your Klopp tactic ..

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I know its only against PAOK, but I think Bale might like this formation...
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great stuff mate :) no I got Sanchez Mino and rotated Vertonghen and Naughton
My full Spurs team that won the league:





DM; Sandro

CM: Dembele

LW: Bale

RW: Lennon

AM: Siggy

ST: Jovetic.

DO NOT SELL SIGURDSSON. Put him on a free kick training with very high intensity and you'll find more goals being popped in from
everywhere on the pitch. He scored on his own 19 goals in the season. Also on the tactics wizard. put all free kicks on 'best header' and Dawson will be popping them in all the time. He got 14 last season. EXACTLY!

Hope this helps x