Feb 25, 2009
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Hello all...

I've got a quick question for you all.. My keeper keeps complaining about the disciplin at the club.

Is it because my team sometimes gets alot of yellow cards??
Or is it simply because I don't disciplin them ( fine them) after sending offs??
Fine them mate
First time Warning
Second 1 week fine
Third 2 weeks :)
It's most likely the fact you don't discipline them for sending off's. My policy is one warning and then if the same player re-offends in the same season he gets one weeks wages taken and so on.

I made a thread about this a long time ago, and this is the best reply I got:
Squad discipline relates to things like poor performance, poor attitudes, etc not specifically yellow/red cards...

if you have players who aren't training hard, aren't performing well, and so on, then you need to give them a rocket up their ****...

Also you could Private Chat with players who haven't been playing well - and tell them what you exactly think of them.

If you just let the prima-donna's 'do their own thing' it will be bad for team spirit and will, eventually, impact on performances - look at Chelsea/Man City in real life