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Squad numbers national team


Mar 28, 2021
Hi, I am new to FM so there are still a lot of things I am trying to find out but one thing is driving me crazy right now and I am not sure how to fix it or where to find help for it, so here it is: I am trying to make some progress coaching a national team because I figured it might be a bit easier, with less stuff to worry about so to say. But anyway, I like to make things realistic so whenever I announce my squad, I want to make sure they have their correct squad number, mostly like in real life, or somewhat looking good. But in the squad screen, I can select the option squad numbers, but it tells me that I am not currently in a competition where I can change squad numbers. Even on the day that I submit the squad for the next couple of games, this is the case. I find this very odd, because, sure I am not in a World Cup or Euros tournament, I started with Spain. In the qualification. But still, that is also an official tournament/preparation so there should be a way to change the numbers right?

I find it a bit stupid to my squad play with these random numbers like seeing Saul with 7 or Sergio Ramos with 2 or 3 or something. Is there a way to fix this?
I found that while playing against other teams in the qualification, they do have set numbers, for example I saw Norway players not have numbers 1-11 in there starting lineup and players even have their favorite number so I found it hard to believe there isn't any kind of way to make this work.

I have tried some tools like Cheat Engine, but that lists only the players squad number at his club teams as far as I can see...

Is there anyone who can help me with this or try explain why this is like this for me?

Thanks in advance!