Squad Registration Problem - Help!!


Jan 16, 2011
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I am managing Barnet and am in pre season 2012/13

Barnet are in there second year of a affliated feed with QPR and have just loaned out a player who accepted and has now joined. When any new player arrives they are required to be registered. However when I click on squad registration it takes me to the squad list but with no way of registering the player!!!

The game is now stuck as I must register him before I can move on!!

Anyone seen this before and/or know of a way around it????
Above the players isn't there a tab with, things on, and on there i think it says squad registration, try clicking on that if its there.
I could not find anything against the player, the only way I have ever registered is the link under squad which had disappeared (maybe because it is outside the transfer window)

I am past the problem now, however I had to retire then add myself back in - highly frustrating!!
maybe should have tried going on holiday for 1 day see if that worked
ah holiday I didn't think of that one!!

Also in the same game I am Manager of Crystal Palace who have just signed a player on loan from parent club West Ham and this time I could register - very weird!!

Thanks for your help guys