Dec 14, 2010
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I've used the editor and put ST. Helens in Blue Square North.

They normally play in West Countries premier Division but as their now tied in with the St Helens rugby League club I would expect them slowly push up the divisions over the next few years.
As some of you may know their moving from 17,500 capacity Knowsley Road home and moving to the new 18,500 St Helens Stadium at the end of the season. So taking this obscure club up the divisions could be a lot of fun.

None of the club records exist in the game so ive updated them the best I can. They seem to be Affiliated to Liverpool. So using Wikipedia (for the towns population), the club's website and other referances Ive created the club the best I can. Judging by all the possible indicators there is no reason this club couldnt be another Wigan and establish itself in the Premier League given enough time.

I havent added their own squad as no information is available so Ive added a big squad to the club from existing game free transfers.
All these players are available on free transfers in any normal game and their current ability should be about right for the division their in. Though several have the potential to play another division or so higher up if they develop!
The player exception is Fabio Paim I moved him from a division 3 Portugease club. I always try to make sure hes included in my game as he was a Wonderkid back in Cm03/04 and have grown rather attached to him :wub:.
Most of these players are non English, with quite a lot of Celts and continental Europeans but their faces should appear if you have the Face pack upgrade.

* All the staff were unattached people to, some may of been big name players but their mainly obscure or local in terms of coaching reputation.
The exception is Jan Arge Fjortoft, hes always my Scout in all the games I play, hes Norweigan and National reputation. Though National in Norway isnt famous here of course, he was a striker for Swindon Town at one time thats why I include him.

I dont know if anyone would be interested in giving it a try but feel free to edit it better than i have and repost if you find a better way of making the game work.

The reason I prefer to use non English players is I prefer a more exotic team. (A)
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