Oct 22, 2010
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What? The planning of the expansion of the stadium takes 13 months!?!? What the ****? It's not really hard now is it to plan the expansion. Also, looking at the editor, it says I can't expand at all. Which makes sense since my last request was cancelled by the council, or whatever. So why are they spending an entire year making plans when they SHOULD already know it's never going to happen?

It's absolutely retarded since there's no way I can tell the board to stop it or ask if they can build a new stadium instead. Hmpf.
Why don't you request a new stadium instead seeing as it impossible to expand.

The whole 13 month thing might be the time it takes to get the whole case to request planning permission regardless of whether it is rejected or not. I do not think there is a way to stop them now so you'll just have to be patient.
Can't do that anymore since they're already planning the expansion, so the new stadium thing is greyed out.
I hear you man I've got a stadium expand, new youth facility in progress and a new youth recruitment thingy too there half way finished but i know 100% ******** will cancel it because im in $95m debt (-_-)
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You know what the stupid thing is? I've got to wait an entire season untill the board finds out it's physically impossible to expand the stadium. Which means I will have an attendance of 100% but only 32,000 seats. And I won the CL 2 times in a row now. It really drives me insane. I suppose no one knows if you can manually cancel any board plans?