Stadium Move


Sep 22, 2009
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This isnt on fm11 by the way, im getting that next week so I thought id have a daft game on fm07 with Leigh.

I got promoted from the Conference North, and needed an expansion of my stadium or stadium move, it held about 3000 I think??

So when I got promoted the board said they were getting a new stadium.... and when it was completed my stadium was called New Stadium, Albany, (NY) I dont think it takes a genius to work out where my new stadium is, plus the capacity has dropped to 700.

Is this a fault or a bug? I cant see many Leigh fans travelling to New York to watch a Conference game. And wondering if this has happend to anyone else, If so I think a stadium move just picks a random stadium on the game and moves you there, regardless of where it is and capacity.
If it's about FM 2007, please post it in the FM 2007 section.

Yes it sounds like a bug.
Im dumb? whyt is that... im sure your the dumb one, New York was named after a place in England called York and not New York... and even so, what has that got to do with my new stadium in New York? I never once mentioned NEW YORK WASNT NAMED AFTER A PLACE IN ENGLAND........ you silly billy