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Jan 21, 2011
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In FM do I have to meet the stadium capacity requirements for Football Manager? Because in real life my stadium isn't big enough for Europe and If I get there, will I need an expansion?
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you probably will, and you should relax abit man, cant expect a answer instantly..
Does anyone know for definate?
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Check the competition rules if you can, if it's in the rules, you will need to fulfill it. I have had it before when I've had to have undersoil heating installed, never had a forced expansion though I don't think.
One of the REALLY COOL mods will give you an infraction for that if your not careful..
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If your stadium doesn't much the requirements your board will take out a loan and the stadium will be upgraded.. If that doesn't happen it's because the rules you are talking about aren't on the game.

Why didn't you just wait and find out :S
Calm down sunshine, we've answered your question as best we can.

You're not always going to get an instant response but people will answer when they can, just be patient :)
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