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Oct 28, 2010
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How do I get the staff attributes I put in on the editor to stay the same when I start a new game with the database loaded? I have created staff, put in all their attributes, set their CA and PA and saved it and everything.

Started a new game, gone to their screen and their all different! Why is this happening? Any advice greatly appreciated.

P.S. Sorry for posting twice but my other post is in the wrong forum I think and only got one response. I really need some help, please.
Their CA will affect the values you put in the editor.
Ok but if I put a CA of 10 and set their attributes I want them to be best at at 10 shouldn't they stay the same?
No. It doesnt work like this, but this is a way to understand it:

If someones CA is say, 50, their attributes can only add up to say, 50. Dont take that literally, thats not how FM works. Messi's attributes dont add up to 194 or whatever but its the same theory in that the CA affects the attributes. So if you want to up one or two attributes by say one or two you probably only need to increase the CA by like 5?

Its quite hard to accurately predict without knowing the formulas n ****
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Oh OK that makes sense. Thanks very much I'll see if I can get it to work better now then. Thanks for your help.