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Apr 16, 2013
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I just bought FM 13 and i noticed there are a few different staff roles than in FM 12.
Is there a thread round here which explains them? I couldn't find 'em that fast.

Or would anyone mind explaining them to me?
Like what does a Director of football do, head physio etc etc (also why do i have a *** man for my -19 team?!)
The Director of football help you with the transfers. He can do the transfers for you, also he can extend players contracts and staff or hiring new staff.Go to staff responsibillities, and you can change there what can your Director of football can do for your club. About Head physio , all i know is that he is a normal physio only gives you the reports about injuries.The head of youth development brings to you reports about your youth players and also he can extend their contracts.The chief scout gives you reports about new players scouted by the scouting team, and also he can change the assignments for the scouting team. The reserve head coach and the youth head coach take care of your reserve and youth team. He can play matches and arranges friendly for that team. Also if you don't have a reserve head coach or a youth head coach you can leave it to a normal coach of your staff or your assistant or even you. Hope i helped you and sorry for my bad english. Cheers!
One more thing. The director of football can sell your unwanted players, if you put a player on the transfer list or loan list he can negotiate the offers and sell or loan the player. Also if you have put a young player on development list he take care of his loan, you don't have to do nothing.
Its all done from the Staff Responsibilities page.

My advice:

DOF: Get a good one in, put people on the unwanted list, he' ll get rid of them. But monitor what he does as he may well sell a player for 10m or whatever but only agree to receive a fraction of that up front.

Head of Youth: In charge of youth affairs. Will advise on the youth players in your team. Give him the resp of finding new youths and bringing them in. There's a brill and cheap guy called RONALDO BECKER (not sure about the first name deffo BECKER tho)

Head Physio: In charge of the physiotherapy department. Head physios such as PANTALEO CORVINO usually have better stats than normal physios and command better salaries. Have him report to you on injuries

Head scout: Get a good one in eg RENATINHO from VITORIA. Have him set the general scouting tasks (only do particular ones you want yourself).

The others do what it says on the tin. Do you want an assman for the under 19s? If you are a top club swimming in dosh yes, but as with everything its a relative question depending on the circumstances.


This is an awesome blog started by an FMBASE member which has nice filters for all staff you can download, import and use making your life so much easier.
Oke thanks mates,

Do the "head-guys" need any special attributes besides their normal atributes? like better juding of potential or w/e