Jun 1, 2010
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at first I need to explain why is there one star difference between those players
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Who is better? Why there is one star difference, when the ukrainian player has better attributes (even those that are important for striker)
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i really dont get what the star rating does on FM games, my scouts show me a player whos for a 5 star rating, hes 17 and has 1 or 2 stats above 10, then they show me a guy who would walk into my first team (im athletico madrid) and hes only 3 stars.. makes no sense. especialyl when 5 years later the player they showed me is still pants.
It depends how good you're scouts are aswell.if they have poor stats then they could get it completely wrong.
Scouting shows you the potential rating, but the accuracy depends on how good your scouts are...

its all got to do with potential ratings and the fact the each player is compared against the BEST player you currently have in that position!

scouts are not always right and depending on their judging PA/CA stats may be far off!

usually if a young player has a high star rating it means that he could be come good with the right training and development: