Star Sign Change!!


Nov 28, 2008
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This may sound like the most dumbest question ever or whatever. People may not beleive in it But I would still like to know it anyway.

Ok so the star signs have now changed and there is now a 13th star due to the way the sun now sits or something like that.

However I read somewhere that the star sign is only different for those who were born in 2011 ? Does anyone have any insight on this ? I know its a weird and foolish question but I would like to know what the truth is because my star sign will be different if this is not the case !
Star signs were created in the Babylon ages over 2000 years ago. They had a supreme understanding of Mathematics. As far as I know, they created each star sign by the position the star was in. By measuring each 30 degrees angle that the sun moved in its orbit, they made that time into a star sign. (30*12 = 360, 360 degrees in a circle) they knew there was 13 star signs but wanted even numbers. Over the past 2000 years, gravitation has gradually changed the orbit of our planet around the Sun, thiu the times that correspond with these star signs have changed. The 13th star sign has been added now, and the new dates apply to everyone. So yes, this means the majority of people now have a different star sign. However, I believe you'd be very naive to believe star signs have any impact on your life whatsoever.

You can Google to find the new star sign you lie under. Hope I helped, don't believe in star signs but was interested in the physical principles behind the changes.