Start of season

The Only One

Feb 23, 2016
Every time I start a new Premier League, I have problem winning games.

Even after playing several pre-season friendly matches, my players are seldom match fit.

So this time I started practising two different tactics, one general setup 4-1-4-1 and one defensive setup 5-1-3-1.

My plan was to use the defensive tactic until my players had reached 90-100% match practice and then change to the more attacking playing style.

I thought that this way I could maybe accumulate some points by playing more defensive until my player were match fit, but it did not work as I had intended, but as usually I have to play about 5 PL games before I manage to win a game, also, it does not matter who the opposition is, I get hammered by almost all the teams.

How do you approach a new season?


Dec 3, 2016
Before I even start a competitive game I put the training on Tactics and team cohesion on high or very high until the last pre season game
I have at least 5 friendlies and never play a player more than 45 minutes each half to make sure everyone is fit!