Started with Norwich City on the demo


Feb 6, 2013
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Have come to the end with the demo game with Norwich City, I am currently in 11th place after 23 games I think it is, Actually been playing a diamond 4-1-2-1-2 at home, to give me more options up front to score goals, and then 4-3-2-1 away like they do in real life. So sitting comfortably in the league, January transfer window has just ended, got rid of all the *****, lappin, martin etc. and I brought in Gary Hooper for £5 million! absolute bargain, did try and get him in at start of season but they wanted £13million so I thought **** that. So happy with that, so he can hopefully push me up the table, looking to just finish within the top 10, few points off Europe hopefully. seeing as though only made two signings all season, (Hooper, and Drenthe on a free) so will be debt free come end of season with a lot to spend next season.

Just wondering if people think this is a good start, and where did everyone else finish at end of season?

Also should I actually buy the game?

Seen all the posts about how **** the match engine is, what do the makers have to say!? Seen the press conference from them and they really hyped it up making out its quality. Tbh I only noticed a few things wrong with it, maybe I wasn't really paying attention I don't know. maybe it doesn't happen in the demo I don't know either, it seems like an absolute joke though and is actually ruining the game for people and waste of money on the game!