Starting a new game: TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS


Dec 25, 2009
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Hello guys! Whats up? Im starting a new game now, with Tottenham. I have 2 days off now from work, and im tired of playing fifa 13 ultimate team since the EA servers is always down and messing up my game. But anyways, im thinking about starting a new game with Tottenham. I would like to build the team around Bale as long as i can keep him. I would like to build a strong, young team, with more english players and of course some foreign players also.

Im currently off season now, i have signed: Ilsinho, Okore for now. And sold harry kane and sandro, man utd bought him for £18 mill. I couldnt say no to that. This is my first season so i wont buy to many players to mess up the chemistry
Formation: 4-2-3-1/4-3-3.
I would like any tips and hints of which players i should sign, or maybe add to my shortlist for next season, any formation, tactics tips? Im all open for any suggestions. And is Tottenham a good team to choose?
You shouldn't have sold Sandro mate, he's the best enforcer that you can buy IMO...Also Kane(had he been developed properly would have turned out to be worthy of at least a rotation spot in the team not to mention he's english too. Okore is a pretty good signing though. If you're looking at signing young english players, look at Will Hughes, Luke Shaw, James Ward-Prowse and john stones(for next season)
I'm currently in 2019 with Spurs and i look to develop english players.
Spurs are pretty strong but i think the two areas that need improvement are a forward and left back.
I got Damiao (I know he's not English but he's class) and Baines with Luke Shaw as a back up.

That gave me a good squad to work with in my first season and then i looked for regens to develop.
no offence mate but that is pretty bad transfer dealings... Not nearly the required standard of players for Tottenham

never, ever, ever sell Sandro! cardinal sin that, for £18m.. thats nothing

I sold Ekotto to United for £14.5m :p

these are my transfer dealings on my current save, won EPL, Carling Cup and FA Cup in the 1st season, also beat United in CS as well at the start of this season...

View attachment 344807View attachment 344808View attachment 344815

Kaboul was never meant to be sold but he was adamant on having a 21m release clause on his **** contract at the end of the 1st season! he would not budge! I knew City would come for him immediately as well.. so bought Dede who is a similar player

here are some of the players I bought in the 1st season who I am developing for the 1st team for the future

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Tottenham is a perfect choice. You do not win everything easy, as you would do if you would play with Barcelona, which would be boring, but you also have high chances to do well in a competitive league. Playing with Spurs, never missed the 4th place, and the runner-up was my best so far. Don”t make the mistake of confusing real life with this game. Bale on WHL is one thing, Bale on FM2013 is another thing. Develop a tactic using the whole team”s high attributes, not just Bale”s. And as it has already been sold Sandro?! Are you the coach or the saboteur? :)
I know this is irrelevant but what skin are you using here mate?