Dec 25, 2009
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Hello guys! Im new here, my pc crashed for some months ago and no i bought my brand new computer, i have playin fm for many years and im a huge fan. I tried severel teams many times. I have brought a small team to the premiership and so on, now i want to try something new. I want to try out a really big club for once, and im thinking of Real Madrid or Inter Milan. And i want to keep some of the players in the game but i want to build my own also. So i was wondering i if someone have any tips for players i should look for and wonderkids and potential wonderkids. I know some wonderkids in the game so i might have heard of them if you bring them up.

Real Madrid or Inter Milan game is loading up now. And i have 25 countries on with large database. I hope you understand my english and understand where im going with this. So wich players should i search for TELL ME!
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